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About Whitehorse

Whitehorse Productions, Inc. was founded in 1994 to develop and aquire video properties for broadcast, retail, and broadband network distribution (when the technology arrives), and to provide quality video production services to the marketplace.

We are a full service company providing creative, production, post production and distribution consultation and service.

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We have helped to create lots of series, shows, pilots and commercials for broadcast television, for both local and national markets.


We also specialize in corporate and industrial documentary, communications, training, and executive portraiture.



We produce state of the art videographics, animation and interactive systems and web site design.


One of our unique specialities is bringing theatrical, dance and other live performance arts materials to the video audience. Our sensitivity to the aesthetic concerns of the artists have enabled us to satisfy the needs of clients who are often uncomfortable with video media.


We have also collaborated on the production of high end travel and underwater tourism programs.


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