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Whitehorse Productions, Inc. is a New York City video services company specializing in digital video production & post, HD, HDV, DV & DVCAM location production, robotic multi-camera systems for location production & permanent installations, computer graphics, animation and real-time interactive characters, for broadcast, commercial, corporate & industrial communications.

Other specialties include documentary, travel and tourism, underwater videography and performing arts. 

We are a leading integrator of custom digital video systems, offering concept & design, spec & purchasing, installation, operations and maintenance. We provide state of the art multimedia production and staging services for large venue events such as trade shows, outdoor advertising, corporate theatre and theatrical production, featuring true High Def. 1080i projection

We also develop and produce original entertainment and educational materials for broadband distribution.


To view a video teaser click on the horse below. 

A broadband connection, MS Internet Explorer & Windows Media Player are preferred.

Vox: (212) 222-7513 / E-mail: bill@whitehorsevideo.com