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William B. Porter


(circa 1978 - photo by Michael Bevan)

Sounds, Images, Software

Production and Design Experience Highlights:

President - Whitehorse Productions, Inc.

1994 - Present

Free-lance Director/Producer, Video Editor, EFP Camera & Lights, Videographic Artist & Animator, Software and Systems Designer


Systems & Software Design

Programination Inc. - 1989

Graphic Artist & Interactive Design Consultant

IBM - 1987

Graphic Artist & Interactive Design Consultant

AT&T - 1986

Interactive Design Consultant

IBM / Sears / CBS "Trintex" Project - 1986

Software Author/Designer & Graphic Artist

The Communication Studio Inc.- 1985-88

Consulting Engineer

RCA Interactive Videodisc Project - 1985

Consulting Engineer & Interactive Design Consultant

ABC/NEA Schooldisk Project - 1985

Chief Engineer and Interactive Design Consultant

ISO (Interactive Software Organization) Inc. - 1984


Sony Corporation of America - 1980-81

Video Editor

NBC's People Television with David Susskind - 1981


Sony Corporation of America - 1980


Rainbow Group Entertainment - 1979


Corporate Video Services Inc.- 1978-85

Audio Operator/Engineer & Video Technician

Automation House Inc.- 1975-78

Producer/Director & Video Technician

Manhattan Cable Television - 1974-75

Producer/Composer and Proprietor

Advanced Voltage Controlled Music Systems - 1974-1985

Apprentice Recording & Mixing Engineer

Bearsville Studios - 1972-73


Joyous Lake Restaurant, Woodstock, N.Y. 1972


Columbia University - Intro to the C Language and Advanced C Language Programmers Workshops - 1988

RCA Technical Institute - Television Equipment Service and Repair Program - 1979

New School / Global Village - Porta-Pak Video Production and Video Synthesis Intensive Workshops - 1974

Ulster County Community College

References Available upon request

The following is a brief list of some hardware and software with which I am well familiarized and have used extensively in various productions.

Video Equipment:

Sony BVE 5000, 900, 9000 Edit Controllers Avid Media Suite Pro and D-Vision Non Linear Workstations Sony BVP Series Cameras and BVV Series Decks Sony BetaCam & Betacam SP format VCRS Sony and Ampex Type C Videotape Recorders ADO 1000 and Abekas A53 DVE Sony and Pioneer Videodisc Players Sony, Pioneer, Eike, Kodak Video Projectors Dalcom and Electrohome Videowalls

Computer Hardware:

All PC Compatibles Running DOS or Windows, Apple Macintosh Quadra and Power series, SCSI, GPIB Interface, NAPLPS, PCX Graphics Protocols, Maxtor Tahiti Series Optical Cartridge Drives, Cheyanne DTL Drives, EtherNet Compatible Lans, Hewlett Packard Laser Series Printers, Canon CJ Series Color Printer/Scanners, NEC CD-Rom players

Programming Languages:

Mixed Language Programming using Basic, Visual Basic, C and Assembler, Mixed Language Libraries, etc.


Office: DOS, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95. Windows NT, Video for Windows, Quicktime for windows, Sound for Windows, Microsoft Office 6.0 (Word, Excell, Access, Powerpoint, Mail etc.)

PC Graphics: GSL Crystal/Topas 3D Animator, Autodesk 3D Studio, Inscriber, TIPS, RIO, Corel Draw, Fractal Painter, Aldus Persuasion & Photostyler, Time Arts Lumena, Zenographics Mirage, AVL Starburst

Macintosh Graphics: Avid Media Suite pro, AVID MCXpress, AVID Composers, CoSA After Effects

Videotex: Netscape, AT&T FCT, Micrographix and Cableshare NAPLPS Workstations, TCS Textup and Phoenix

Audio: Digidesign Pro-Tools, CuBase, Turtle Beach Sample Vision, Roger Powell's Texture, Roland MC8 Sequencer

Recreational Interests: Motorcycle Touring (Factory Certified BMW Mechanic and Harley Owner), Boating, Scuba Diving, Camping and Hiking, Landscape Photography, Environmental Conservation and Appreciation.

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