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Location Production

We take pride in offering the latest state of the art equipment, maintained in pristine condition. Our lightweight SONY HVR-Z1U HDV cameras and support equipment are the new broadcast standard for field and location production. Our personnel are of course some of the most talented in the business. But in today's market that's not enough. Our crews are also trained to be polite and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into the most sensitive environments.We take our professionalism, and your clients, seriously.

Robotic Multicam Location Packages

Our proprietary robotic remote controlled HDV multicam systems are available for corporate, theatrical, academic and other venues where a highly unobtrusive and extremely cost effective multi camera production is required. Up to four Z1U Hi-Def cameras are mounted on remote Pan Tilt heads allowing a single operator to control the entire production from a discreet location. Not only are crew costs dramatically reduced, but the robot heads silently paning and zooming around during the event are prestigiously cool!

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