Performance Arts

Whitehorse will occasionally agree to profit sharing arrangements with performers and performance companies. We may assume the expense and risk of producing and distributing a video of the work in exchange for a majority ownership of the video product. This enables artists to gain access to the huge audiences and significant revenues available through electronic distribution without having to finance the project directly.

Some Recent Works

The MacGuire Sisters Reunion

We are proud to have had the opportunity to produce a video of the historic reunion performance of these world famous sisters, Live at the Rainbow Room in New York City. These gals are the real thing, having created some of the most memorable and long lasting popular music of the 20th Century.


Maureen McGovern

We were thrilled to work on Ms. McGovern's latest music video. It is always a rewarding experience to work with a performer of such enormous talents. Look for her latest albums in your local record store.


Five Funky Females

An evening of stand up comedy with five of the funniest young women around. Pointed and very funny.
Live at the West End Gate
Dog Hill Productions


Lobster Tales

Tim Monagan's wild one man show about growing up in Maine. Funny, tragic, vastly entertaining. "It Ain't What Pepperidge Farm Remembers!"
Live at the 1020 Bar
Whitehorse Productions, Inc.

Steve Love's New York Express

We provided post production for a 45 min. compilation of this internationally renowned roller dance company's live show in Zug Switzterland, filmed in PAL during their 1996 european tour. Working with only a single cameras footage from two performances, we were able to rely upon the masterful precision of these idcredible performers ability to duplicate exactly their movements from one performance to the next, enabling us to create the illusion of a multiple camera shoot. Truly breathtaking entertainment.


The Trage-D of Hammy-T

A rap version of Shakespeare's Classic, Hamlet. Spirited and funny, unique.
Written & Produced by: Robert Krakovski


The 7th Pricipal Dance Company

A fabulous blend of traditional ethnic and contemporary coreography. An impressive vision.
Coreographers Sample Reel


Ruth Kulerman

We were retained by Ms. Ruth Kulerman to document a recent performance of her one woman show! A brief but intense essay on the descent into madness. A powerful performance.

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