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We at Whitehorse are one of the leading companies exploiting the new economics of production to drive costs down. We recruit the best available talent and provide them access to state of the art technolgy. Projects are directly managed by our principles to achieve the ultimate in cost effective production. Let us bid on your next production. We blow the competition away!

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Meadowlands NCAA Invitation

The New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority needed a powerful video presentation to serve as the keystone of a bid to bring the multi-million dollar NCAA Final Four games to the Meadowlands. Working in association with Kipany Productions, Ltd. we created a slick, sophisticated and entertaining sales pitch featuring a wide range of celebrity terstimonials. Oh yeah, the NJSEA won their bid!


For more than a decade we have provided high quality corporate video services to NYNEX, working in association with Kipany Productions, Ltd. Internal communications, sales kick-offs, employee training, corporate meetings and other staged events, telemarketing commercials and services, are only a few of the more than 200 productions provided to this Fortune 500 company. I guess they wouldn't keep coming back if they weren't happy!

Rock '90

When the Meadowlands needed to communicate with young concert goers to overcome a public relations problem with thier security personell we once again worked with Kipany Productions, Ltd. to produce a fast paced, totally hip entertainment video that appealed stronly to the young target audience. Featuring appearences by a host of major celebrities, including the Grateful Dead, Hulk Hogan, and Bon Jovi, the video recieved broad press attention of a very positive nature, and the negative image problem was rapidly resolved.


Fleet Bank

Working with Prism Marketing and Communications, Inc., Whitehorse has provided production and post production services on several video projects supporting their agressive move into the New York market. Fleet is now the fourth largest bank in the New York Market! A real sucess story.

La Carignana

Recently we put together a video tour of the world famous La Carignana estate in Italy. Home of the Borghese family and the La Parfumiere cosmetics company, this beautiful and expansive estate houses a state of the art research and development facility, where the luxurious products of this high fashion manufacturer are created. The video was aired repeatedly on the QVC Home Shopping channel. Another very successful sales campaign!

Nails Again!

Another of our many fashion & beauty projects, Nails Again was an extremely cost effective little promo video introducing a new nail care system. Featuring some gorgeous graphics and product shots, the video was used repeatedly on the shopping channel with great success.

The Journey of 7 Guitars

When the producers of August Wilson's 7 Guitars recieved a grant from AT&T to produce a documentary about the production of the play we were chosen to provide production & post production services, especially the all important portraiture for the interviews with cast members. Clean and Crisp, we gave this video a slick contemporary style that makes this production shine!

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