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Entertainment Programming

We've been working in the international television market for over 15 years. These were some of my first TV Shows. On the PEOPLE TV magazine show with David Susskind. I worked with the segment producers as an offline editor and story consultant. What a thrill! Upper right is a national Christmas promotion for the brand new, state of the art, SONY Betamax VCR, the video appliance of the future! And are you old enough to remember Don Kirschner's Rock Concert? Sure ya are!

National Advertising

Whitehorse has provided broadcast production services for many national and international campaigns. For example we were proud to be selected to create the generic local ads for the recent national tour of "Dreamgirls". These spots were designed to allow local inserts for targeted promotion during the tour. Way back in the steamy '70's I helped to concieve and direct the first couple of Jordache Jeans commercials that started the skinny, sexy, jeans girl genere. I apologize.We also created a very sucessful series of spots for the now infamous ARIS hats scarves and gloves. (You know, they don't fit O.J.) We've been involved in a ton of other commercial stuff over the years.

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Local Advertising

We provide high quality yet very affordable production expertise to a variety of local agencies, organizations and businesses. We can create an effective message and get it to your customers. Call or e-mail us for more information about affordable local advertising. Samples shown above include AAA of North Jersey, Citizens First National Bank, Hudson County Development Council, Port Imperial Sports Complex, Rutgers Football Classic, etc



Working with Kipany Productions, Ltd. we participated in the creation of a new paradigm in advertising. Kipany's free agent approach to selling telephone service products has provided thier clients with etremely high volume sales at no cost and with no risk. Advertisers are excited by the directly measurable results of this new type of direct promotion. An enormous success, and the wave of the future!


Educational Programming

In 1996,working in cooperation with the Smithers Foundation, The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, and Recovery Information, Inc., we put together 52 original hours of America's #1 Recovery Show, Brink's Place. This innovative educational programming is distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada, the Carribean and Central America on a weekly basis via HBO's Galaxy IV satellite and participating cable systems.

Another exceptional educational program was "To Remain Human" a documentary about Non-Jewish individuals who sheltered and supported Jews fleeing the horrors of Nazi Germany.

The Melting Pot

Whitehorse provided production services for the creation of this innovative new wave cooking / lifestyles pilot. Featuring the talents of two enthusiastic Englishmen, David Tew (Internationally renowned chef and gourmand) & David Tereshchuk (International Journalist & Broadcaster), each episode of this unique show travels to one of the diverse ethnic neighborhoods in New York City to explore the local culture and cuisine, while shopping in colorful local markets for the freshest and most exotic ingredients. Then its back to the Melting Pot kitchen to prepare an authentic example of the featured cultural cuisine! Designed to interface with the World Wide Web for recipie and other information, this show set the trend for contemporary lifestyles programming!

produced and directed by: Polly Hill Landees

Big City Rock'n Sports

We co-produced, directed and edited this pilot for a unique Music / Sports Talk show. Dubbed "The ultimate Beer & Pretzels Show", this entertaining hour long show combined performances by guests from the world of musical entertainment and interviews with some of the greatest names in the sports world. A unique blend of proven entertainments, we are looking forward to producing a series of programs based on this wonderful concept.

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